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This free online version of the traditional laden game of Sudoku calls on an individual to use their dexterity and logic to complete this enjoyable puzzle. Though its name is wholly Japanese, roughly interpreted as 'single number' (a number has a single place it has to be positioned in the puzzle) its conception was founded in the western world through collaboration between the Europeans and America. This online variant uses the traditional framework of the game, with it housing nine boxes with each box having 9 squares in total. Scattered throughout this formation is a few numbers, it is the players task to fill in the blank squares bearing in mind that each square and line ( both vertical and horizontal)must exhibit the numbers one through to nine. This is attained by clicking on a blank box, a pop up emerges with the numbers 1-9, click on a number of your choosing, but bear in mind the numbers that are barred in red are not allowed to be used. Once this puzzle is completed, your time is recorded and a new puzzle can then be tackled with the subordinate challenge perhaps being to bet your preceding time.